Instagram and Snapchat Stickers


I wanted to create a series of Giphy stickers for everyone to use. They were made mainly because I wanted to personally use them to make my Stories pop more but did not anticipate how popular they would become. Many of them were trending on Instagram which amassed a whopping 206 million views.

They are available to use simply by searching my name ‘angelkein’ on Instagram, Snapchat and wherever Giphy’s API is supported. Head over to my Giphy page to view all of them.

Oh_My_God_by AngelKein.gif
So_much_yes_by AngelKein.gif
Plant_by AngelKein.gif
Pencil__by AngelKein.gif
Kewl__by AngelKein.gif
New-Post_by AngelKein.gif
Monstera__by AngelKein.gif


Want to spice up your brand and offer your fans gif(t)s?