Tools of the Trade Exhibition

The Tools of the Trade Exhibition, organized by the Melbourne Lettering Club, ran for the second time this year and I am happy to be part of it. It was such a delight being next to 23 other Letterers, some of which were inspirations to me when I first started lettering. It was a memorable night!

The exhibition showcased experimental alphabets A-Z from 24 designers created with specific tools which ranged from brush, calligraphy pens, and even tin cans (how cool!).

My piece was created with a brush, bamboo nib (like, an actual carved bamboo) and Sumi ink. Many pages were filled before the perfect alphabets were selected. Being that most my work is now done digitally, it felt great to go back to tool and ink again as it was the roots of how I began my lettering journey (swipe left on these posts to see how my work used to be versus now).


Here’s the finished piece! My usual litmus test to everything I do is via whether I’ll personally hang it up on my wall and this passes, so I’m happy. :)

I named it 'Austere Flow’ to describe literally the rigidness of the bamboo and the flow of the brush.


The exhibition was great and it was especially touching for me as so many of my friends came to show their support. It was so nice to catch up with everyone, so much so that I had hardly capture any photos- bummer! However, thanks to friends who kindly sent me their images, I have some to remember the night.


There are a few posters left from the exhibition for purchase! So if you’d like to snatch one up, please do. It’ll make me happy and you can view these juicy letters and strokes up close. BONUS: it’s a good reminder for if you forget your alphabets.

Thanks for having me be part of it, Melbourne Lettering Club. Also, to the Universe and anyone reading this, I want to be a part of many more exhibitions!

x Ange

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