Welcome, Fight for your Goals & Free Wallpaper

Hello! Thanks for being here. In an age where it seems even 140 words is too many, I really appreciate your time.

I’m excited to announce that in less than two week's time I will have quit my day job, sold all my belongings, packed a backpack and gone traveling for an entire year (or two)! Ahhhhhh!


My backpack is filled with many brushes and pens so I’m taking my work with me. This is really also an opportunity to fully dedicate my time in pursuit of my goals to be a freelance letterer/calligrapher. It’s not the first time I’ve taken this freelance road but very early on I was tempted by the stability of a full-time design job which I spent two years of my time doing. It was a good learning experience for sure but it also served as a daily affirmation of my love for typography and lettering. I’m appreciative of the jobs because it pushed me hard (like, damn hard) and geared me with some skills and determination to pursue my passion. I already knew what I wanted but lacked the courage. 

There are so many projects I want to pursue this new chapter and I am so keen. One of which is reviving my love for writing so that’s where this blog comes in. My focus here will primarily be on lettering, the experience of being a traveling freelancer and all things creative but I’ll be experimenting beyond that so please share if you have an idea you think I should write about! :) This is not my first blog (remember the Blogspot and Tumblr days ha) but I’m definitely far from an expert writer. But that's where time and practice comes in, right? 

Not going to lie, ya'll. It’s scary. Leaving a job to pursue your passion is so against the grain of what society wants us to do. Sure, there seem to be more people doing it and thanks to social media those stories and ‘goal-getter’ videos tend to circulate more than ever but it’s still peculiar to many people.


I have read so many articles, watched countless videos and listened to hours of podcasts to build in convincing myself that this is the right decision. The sayings or lessons that have really stuck and helped push past the doubts and fears are “you can always earn more money but you can never earn back time” and "you'll do yourself a massive injustice if you don't at least try to chase your dreams.”. Doing this is scary but nothing is scarier than thinking about being on the deathbed riddled with regrets and literally not being able to do anything about it. Grim, sorry..

So to mark this moment in my life and to thank you for being part of it, I’d like to gift these free downloadables. May you find the courage to pursue your goals, whatever they may be. Maybe the courage will build a little bit more every time you see this see it on your devices. Fight for your dreams, mates. 

Thanks again for your time and I hope you enjoy these wallpapers.

Angelina x