Old Words, New Work

This lettering series was started to reflect on how far my skills have improved since the beginning. Most of what we see online are from people we admire, whose work is polished and seem intangible. This series came from wanting to share with others, specifically people who are new or starting out, that we all have to start somewhere and perseverance is key.

This series has garnered great responses from people who felt moved, motivated and inspired to keep going with their craft. If my work has played any part in adding value to help someone persevere in their work, the objective of this series has been met.

1- Coffee_Cakes (After).png

Thankful for Coffee, Cakes and Beautiful Friends
May 2019 ✐ September 2014

1- Coffee_Cakes (Before).jpg


Lost Time, Lost Time
June 2019 ✐ December 2015



Excited for Us
July 2019 ✐ October 2014

3- Excited For Us(After).PNG


May 2019 ✐ August 2014

4- Freaky(After).PNG


Beginning and Middle
July 2019 ✐ October 2015

6- DontCompare (After).png


Think, Say and Do Harmony
August 2019 ✐ March 2016

7- Happiness Think Say Do (Before).png