Be Better to Mama Earth

I started this illustration and lettering series to share ways we can be better to the Earth.
Sustainable living is a subject I’m deeply passionate about albeit not being perfect, which is where “Be Better” and not “Be Perfect” comes in.

Living a more eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t have to be scary. It can start small and if everyone does the small, the impact is huge.


#1 Don’t Forget Your Reusables

A reminder to not forget your reusables as you start your week ready for the many coffees and teas. Lord knows we don't need any more plastic in the ocean choking beings without consent.

I'm by no means a saint in the subject but it's something I'm deeply passionate about and try to be waste as little as possible. So glad there is a globally growing movement and more education towards a less wasteful lifestyle because the earth is not feeling well.


#2 Eat More Veggies

Turns out our mama’s right. Veggie’s good for us - and also the earth. Who knew?

I say “Be Better” because, for the majority of us, we’re imperfect and have many oppsies . Thing is though, it’s not impossible and we ought to try. Reducing our meat intake is a major one we can definitely do. Is meat necessary in every meal? I'd argue not. I won’t spurt stats at you but in a gist..less meat = less heat to Mama Earth because you warming (things are firing up real quick if you’re unaware).

This is not a preach saying cut it out completely because I understand it’s impossible for a lot of us and it tastes so bloody good (I get it because my mom makes the best roast pork) but you can probably go a few meals every week without meat. It seems so trivial to the “big picture” but if everyone does it, the impact can be seen.


Are you a company who cares about the Earth?