INTO BEING Collection

into being - (idiomatic) to form; to start to exist.

Can't believe the time has finally arrived. It has been a long time coming of wanting to put my work out there onto tangible objects. Many a self-doubt mountain were hiked, a trek which I'm sure is so familiar to all of us, especially if you create something for a living, whether it be art or a business.



The essence of Into Being is all the feelings felt during the excursion of establishing an independent/freelance/entrepreneur career path. It's a battle. Sometimes you're confident and motivated, other times you're fearful and weary. In the 6 months that I left home to freelance on the road, those feelings have replayed themselves repeatedly.

One of the more hefty conflicts was trying to pinpoint what I really wanted to go it commercial work, youtube, commissions? The possibilities are endless. I had to sit down, think, really cut out the BS and drill to the core to find that what I really wanted to do was to create items for homes and everyday use, a goal I've had on the backburners since starting to pursue design.

Thus, Into Being was created. It’s the fruition of all that. So it’s close to my heart as all the words I have lettered/calligraphed have been the words I used personally to march through that slump.



I first start by documenting the words that compel me and condense them into a list of 8. Then I briefly sketch them in Procreate App on my iPad, experimenting with different styles of typography in script, serif, and sans serif. Later after a day or two, I revisit my sketches to refine them (I always allow some time between initial sketch so I can see them with fresh eyes). There are several refinements before I think they're good to be brought into Illustrator where they're vectorized. As letters are my priorities, they are most often black and white up until the end just so I am not distracted from the structure. When the letters are finalized, play of colors and abstract patterns are added. The direction I saw for Into Being was already in my head but moodboarding on Pinterest help clarify my vision. Mood for Into Being was inspired by the environment of where they were created, an island in Thailand.