Honesty. A manifesto.

Honesty and Transparency: two core values held highly by myself and in turn, I want to work with companies and people who value and act the same. Honesty with their products, customers and communications.

It the age of fake news and hollow promises, honesty is a breath of fresh air. As someone who is straightforward and transparent, I applaud and respect others who do the same. “What you see is what you get” is the key.

When my journey as a Creative started, my business took to many voices in hopes that my success would be as great as those I imitate. It was exhausting , hypocritical and a massive hurdle in growth. At that time, I also worked with a few questionable establishments who aren’t as they portray themselves to be. It was an unsettling feeling.

If you start walking the way, the way appears. — Rumi

When I finally gained enough courage to finally be as I am and work with people who practice the same, my business and my relationships with my clients started to grow. Who and what you see online is reflected the same in real life.

My desire is to help you create a more authentic relationship with your audience.