Hello, Myself

The trimester's finally ended. 12 weeks of intense days and nights have finally come to an end and we finally have a finished product.

We were given an assignment to create a coffee book to touch of some subjects of issues such as homelessness, growth of technology, and body image. My team members and I chose the subject of body image. After brainstorming we finally minimized the broadness of body image to a more specific subject: health and happiness. It was more of a question, does health equates to happiness? Mainly, we were targeting to question the correlation between health and happiness as the mainstream media paints it. It just seems like all the advertisements, videos, pictures that the media has created is trying to push this idea to us that to be healthy is to be happy. Is it though? So we asked some people for their comments on this.

The photos were taken in a studio where we asked the models to come dressed as comfortably as they could. There wasn't much make-up; only the minimal getting rid of shininess and all that. We didn't touch up their face nor alter their body in any way in Photoshop. It would be ironic if we did as we were questioning mainstream media which are all about manipulation on organic humanity. The lovely models were also asked to be as natural as possible in front of the camera, which is intimidating and hard to achieve so my team and I took turns to joke and converse with the subjects as they were shot. There were multiple times where the music was blaring and we were just dancing around! It was a fun shoot and we achieved what we wanted: natural, hardly manipulated, mostly raw pictures of beautiful human beings. 

As for the outlook of the magazine, we aimed for minimalism. Much of our book is filled with imagery and we didn't want to distract the viewer's attention for them by creating a complicated layout. We kept it black and white to lessen as much bigotry as possible. With color, there might be favoritism and/or hostility, but black and white is classic and universal.  

There was definitely lots of challenges with this project, as there are with any projects. But overall, problems were resolved and the magazine was completed ahead of time. I'm pleased with the outcome and could not have it done without the creative team, make-up artists and models. 

Oh, on to the next trimester!

We've also made a video to compliment this magazine. Have a look at my team member's page here.