Wow, I can't believe it. Four trimesters have gone and two more to go before I graduate. I've mixed emotions about this. On one hand I just can't wait for it to be through and on the other I don't want to leave the comforts of it. After university I'll actually have to be an adult, bring on the bigger responsibilities in life...a job, a house, and whatever else. It's frightening yet also liberating because after my tertiary education there's really nothing tying me down to a location. Ah craziness! 

We're fourth trimester in now and we're having an exhibition to showcase our best work. I was tasked to calligraph the title of the exhibition -Resistance- for the invitation. After pages and pages of ink and a bit of time in Photoshop, it's finally printed! I'm so happy to see it come out so well! I've to thank Sheri my lecturer for giving me this responsibility though! :)

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