Ella and Amy

It's already March. It blows my mind how quickly this year has passed. We've only 9 months to it? Doesn't that seem crazy to you? To me, it seems like just yesterday I was sitting by the Yarra River watching the New Year Eve's fireworks brighten up the sky.

I've had a busy time since publishing this new website of mine to the public. This year is my final year to my design degree and I've decided that time has definitely arrived for me to focus deeply into this art that I love and it has paid off. I'm prepared, as I've said to my darling Rowan, to live as a "starving artist". I am sure I am destined for this path of photography and design, and my guts is telling me that as long as I work towards it, it will pay off. And it has, albeit not much, but it's the beginning. There's so many opportunities out there that I have not seized last year because I was distracted with trying to survive in methods I was uncomfortable with. I'd like to start living now, thanks. It's an uncertain path I'm taking, I'm sure of it, but I'm happy. The whole "starving but happy than full but unhappy" metaphor, you know? But don't worry, I'm not actually starving. Like I said, it has paid off and I'm looking forward to some collaborations. 

Anyway, bridging back to the Yarra River. We (being my housemates and I) have started a communal dinner that we do every week. Last week's was a bbq by the river in unison with a good-bye dinner for Ella who is leaving for home in the UK. There was sausages, buns, chicken, chips, dips, and cake.

Much of today's imagery is focused on Ella and Amy.

Ella and Amy, I find, is a beautiful couple. Ella's relationship is about the same age as Rowan's and I and both relate in many ways. I got to see Ella in her dating stages and so did she with me. We share some sweet and funny moments like when Ella was given flowers and I grumbled and said boys should be as romantic as girls because I've not been given any flowers and when I told her that "I don't know what our (Row and I) title are but it's better and I don't care anyway.." and then texted her a few hours later saying that we're now boyfriend-girlfriend. We also share a common trait with our relationships being that our partners are Australians and we're not. There's many but that's some.

It's beautiful to see how their relationships grew and to hear their laughter together every morning was a little joy to the day. And in seeing their love for each other, you will understand that love is love, no matter the differences. 

These are some pictures of our bbq and of their love.

Ella and Amy-2.jpg
Ella and Amy-4.jpg

Love you guys! All the best traveling together. See you soon.