Stronger: Free Wallpaper

Hey there! I'm back with another free wallpaper for you guys. The last one I did, if you've not gotten the chance to download it, is Hustle.

The phrase "you are stronger than you believe" has been in my mind a lot, especially when I face challenges and thought I couldn't go through with it.  I think about all the times in the past where I'm so close to quitting but persevered instead, realizing that 'hey, I can actually do this'.

It's hard to keep in mind that we're all stronger than we believe we are and we often forget the many hardship we've concurred, so I created this wallpaper with that in mind. To remind you and I that we can do it and that whatever it is that we're facing, no matter how much we want to give up, we're strong enough to survive it and move on.

This is a gift from me to you. Stay strong.


Creatively yours,

ps: tag me on instagram of you using it and i'd love to repost it. :)