I was born to create. It’s my identity and all I’ve ever known to be true as me. In 2014 I moved to Melbourne, Australia from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to pursue my creative ambitions. I’ve experimented with many forms and styles of art and drew letters even when I was a child, but only truly recognize my love for type when I was introduced to it formally in university.


I started honing into calligraphy and lettering after the official introduction. It was an obsession and all I could think of even when I was working in my full-time design jobs. After a few years of the office 9-5, I finally gathered enough courage to leap into fulfilling my goal full-time whilst traveling. Travel being my other insatiable craving in life.

My entire business is on the move. Nowadays you can find me dedicating all my time to developing my practice, creating more products for the store, writing blog posts and more, while hopping from country to country. My office changes daily and is any location where the internet is strong.

My work is inspired by my travels, reflecting the culture, style and people of the location I'm in. The primary tools I work with are the iPad Pro, Apple pencil, pencils, paper and eraser.

"You'll do yourself a massive injustice if you don't at least try to chase your dreams."

I hold a Bachelor qualification in Design from SAE Institute Australia and have completed various intensive Calligraphy courses.



Side Project

  • Type Avenue
    This is my side project where I capture great hand-made typography on the streets.

Resources Recommendation

Various medias which have inspired me that I think would help you too.